Romano Battisti tests the DHtech300 tissue by DRY HEAT for the Silver Skiff

This year's edition has seen a record number of entries, a total of 707, 451 participants in the Silver Skiff, and 256 subscribers to the Kinder Skiff race for the little ones. 
Several big names of national and international Olympic champions took part in the event organized by the Canottieri Cerea including the New Zealand Olympic champion in the individual, Mahe Draysdale and the Italian Olympic champion Romano Battisti, silver medal at London 2012 and bronze medal at the recent World Championships in the senior double. 
The Italian champion Romano Battisti decided to wear during the course of the race, the technic shirt K2 DRY HEAT, made in DHtech 300. 
Given the unusually mild weather conditions of this November Romano preferred to wear this tissue on skin due to its characteristics of high permeability; the fabric is in fact made in a single layer and allows the body to have a regular thermoregulation during strenuous activity and due to the high amount of polypropylene, a water-repellent fiber, prevents the annoying feeling of wet. 
Romano has also tested the band SVALBARD, made in fabric DHtech 400, a double-layer, ideal because it is perfectly breathable, hypoallergenic and perfectly insulating. 
The whole team DRY HEAT is honored that athletes like Romano Battisti use their items, both to deal with the races, but especially during workouts. 
This appreciation is in fact the largest confirm that the DRY HEAT product has been able to meet the real needs of athletes and is chosen by those who need to get the best performance from their equipment. In fact who needs to get excellent performance, as Romano, must be able to count on a dress that allows maximum mobility, lightness, insulation in winter for shelter from temperature changes, but especially perfect breathability, to prevent the warm body to stay wet risking dangerous cooling and to allow the body feeling comfortable throughout workout. Only in this way the athlete can feel completely free to focus on their performance, giving their best. 
Romano Battisti is a true prodigy of rowing, an athlete that can amaze at every race for his strength and determination, which is why was named "Athlete of the FISA" of November; not surprisingly, in his palmarés already appear important achievements: 
- Silver at the Olympics in London 2012 double with Alessio Sartori; 
- Gold at the Mediterranean Games 2013; 
- European Champion 2013; 
- Bronze at the World Championships in Korea, always double with Francesco Fossi.
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