The passion for the sport and for excellence is driving and the engine DRY HEAT, which was created with the aim to embody the progress in the field of sportswear garments with innovative technology, design and materials.

In our view, human well-being plays a central role, and Sport is the essential tool to achieve it since it leads to a perfect physical and psychological balance the individual, who includes it in his Life. Juvenal, already in the first century. AD did not think anything more desirable than owning good health of the soul together with the body's health: These are the values above any other ephemeral human desire.

Sport, staying together in harmony, active and industrious life, are the basis of the well-being our spirit yearns to, to these values we address our contribution, and for this reason, thanks to a relentless work we has arrived to produce and to adopt a range of materials for sportswear able to give the user physical benefits of unquestionable importance.

Bringing quality and added value in sport and life of those who practice is our natural mission because it is rooted in our history and supported by the values that guide us.
We look at our destination bringing content and transparency in acting and communicating, valuing tradition but by opening ourselves to the community and to new ideas.
The future of DRY-HEAT aims to a real value: quality and comfort in life and in sports, balance in lifestyle.
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