The DRY HEAT line was conceived by Athesis s.r.l., a sportswear production and sales company, which has always been a source of cutting-edge ideas in the field of technical clothing.
Founded as a knitwear factory in 1971, by the will of two Modenese entrepreneurs, in 1998 it established itself in the winter sportswear sector with Newland Sport and Lifestyle, a brand highly appreciated by sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts.
The passion for the development of technical garment and research has led Bruno Dareggi, over the years, to carry out numerous research and development projects for materials with the aim of creating high-tech sports garments.
His experiments focus in particular on the absolute best performing material on the scene, polypropylene: as fundamental for the sportsman as it is difficult to work without adequate know-how; after years of research, the DRY HEAT sportswear line is finally being developed, making it widely used, but avoiding, thanks to the advanced processing technology, the typical yarn problems (rigidity, poor fit) and turning it into the most pleasant and technological fabric on the sportswear market.

It begins a widespread distribution and sale of garments to sportsmen of most of the most practiced disciplines to confirm, with the actual physical sensation, what the tests already affirm. Cross-country skiing, skating, Nordic walking, climbing, skiing, but also cycling, motorbike, running, sailing and golf, many sports are consulted to concretely witness the characteristics of DRY HEAT technical clothing: all the feedback is incredibly positive, the product it is truly unique and must be accessible to a wider audience.
YEAR 2012. The first collection of DRY HEAT technical garments is released, which captivates with its eye-catching graphics even before its unparalleled user quality. The brand takes hold and continues, year after year, to increase the number of its admirers who buy it not only for sport but also for work, both outdoors and in closed unheated places, and for leisure time.
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