What is DRY HEAT?

DRY HEAT is a technical clothing brand created for those who practice outdoor sports or activities which are constantly subject to big changes in temperature. DRY HEAT is suitable for people who work outdoors, or who are just warming up for sports activities but love to wear comfortable clothes that are breathable and thermoregulating..

What does make DRY HEAT garments so unique and performing?

Polypropylene is a multi-attribute ecologic “man made” fibre, ideal for physical activity .
It is a highly insulating, transpiring, hypoallergenic and antibacterial material which perfectly lends itself to the development of sportswear, also thanks to the easiness of its maintenance.
A technological and innovative fibre, as much resistant as light. A very stable fabric which doesn’t undergo the typical shrinking and dilation of traditional fabrics, for a long-lasting and always fit suitability. Moreover, humidity is not absorbed and therefore it dries incredibly fast, leaving the skin a pleasant sensation of freshness and dryness.

Are all the DRY HEAT garments thermoregulating?

Yes, all the technical sweaters, jumers, pants and accessories DRY HEAT are thermoregulating thanks to the innovative fabric DHTech, which creates a barrier that tends to stabilize the body temperature in hostile climatic conditions.
Its insulating quality is the same than wool’s. The low value of the thermic transmission coefficient of a DHTech fabric reduces the loss of body heat in a cold environment.
While air is an efficient insulator ,the material, on the other hand, works as a thermic bridge creating the ideal combination. Our matched fabric, thanks to the special embroidery we make, allows us to have more insulated and more conductive areas where needed.
The combined action of the two layers makes sure that the sweat does not remain in contact with the skin even after intense physical activity.

[*To see the characteristics of thermoregulation of the DRY HEAT technical clothes look at the catalog of products*]

Are the DRY HEAT garments indicated only for sports?

DRY HEAT garments, realized with DHtech technology, are perfect in all that situation in which you do a playing or working outdoor activity or in cold places, in particulary DRY HEAT wears, thanks to their insulating and transpiration power, defend body from big changes of temperature. They are also perfect for the free time because they guarantee high comfort.

Which are the advantages of a technical clothing realized with polypropylene ?

The advantage derives from the characteristics of the fiber itself. The polypropylene fiber offers unsurpassed features in terms of insulation and water-repellent properties and it is also the best fiber for the use in contact with the skin as it is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and anti-static. The reasons for which the polypropylene can not completely replace other synthetic and natural fibers in the realization of the technical first and second layers are the cost of the material and the great skills required to work it.

Is the technical sportswear offered by DRY HEAT only suitable for winter season?

No, DRY HEAT collection is composed by garments of different styles and weights. You have an ideal temperature in which using the product. You can try the insulating and transpiring action of the DRY HEAT technical sweaters at bland climate or wintry weather.

For which sports are best the technical DRY HEAT garments ?

The DRY HEAT technical garments are perfect for all that outdoor sports in which you are subject to stasis moments. The characteristics of the fabric, in fact, let the body release the heat gradually and slowly protecting it from injuries and avoiding annoying shivers. The technical DRY HEAT sweaters are also perfect for the indoor sports to help the athletes in the delicate warm up period.

Are there DRY HEAT technical garments specific for a precise sport?

The DRY HEAT styles are studied to reply to the sport's needs for which they are made for, both in the construction of models and even in the insulating and breathing proprieties of the fabric ,wisely used to guarantee the maximum comfort and performance.

Do the DRY HEAT technical garments need special care?

No. You just have to wash them, best at 30°, by hands or in the washing machine. The garments dry up quickly and you don't have to iron it.
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