DRY HEAT has dressed the national athletes Romano Battisti, Andrea Tranquilli and Paola Protopapa to the conquest of the path of the Centenary

Dry Heat, a new challenge!

With its technical apparel Dry Heat has contributed to succeed in the crossing of the Path of the Centenary, carried out on the 14th of September by the athletes Romano Battisti, Andrea Tranquilli and Paola Protopapa.

In addition to the technical and athletic difficulties of the test, it was absolutely necessary to overcome also the climatic ones due to an unsteady weather and to the significant differnce in levels along the crossing. Moreover the physical effort, alterned to less tiring moments, tipical in these tours, creates significant thermic shocks and subsequent dangerous coolings.
The technical apparel DRY HEAT, and in particular the sweatshirt MURMANSK, has allowed, thanks to the specificity of its material, an optimal perspiration of the skin ensuring the maximum comfort to the athletes during all the tough path.
Infact the DHtech 400 tissue, competely disegned and produced in Italy, creates a barrier that keeps thebody temperature steady, even in harsh climatic conditions..
Its insulation capacity is the same of the wool. The low heat transfer coefficient of a DHtech 400 made item decreases the loss of the heat produced by the body in a cold environment.

Moreover the polypropylene, the yarn of which is made this innovative tissue, has a lower absorption coefficient of liquids and a higher permeability to steam compared to any other textile fiber. The poor humidity absorption allows then to decrease the amount of liquid that sticks to the skin, ensuring benefits both to the body and to the musculature. Moreover the high permeability value of the PP ensure the fast humidity transfer through the tissue and so the maximum transpiration.

Thank to this  material our athletes could focus at their best to the difficulties of the crossing, forgetting thermic shocks, coolings and humidity and feeling the highest comfort during all the path.
Here the interview released by the three athletes to canottaggio.org:

The path, open in 1974, has been carried out by the CAI Section of L'Aquila for the celbration of the centenary of its foundation. It's a long and tough crossing, riserved to well trained hikers that are also able to climb the rocks (the three oarsmen were surely well trained but, unlike Paola, the guys were almost fasting mountain, excluding the climbing of the Circeo Mount - 530 mt above the sea - done as winter training or, as goes for Romano, the climbs up to Maenza - 358 mt above the sea - to visit his parents). The view of Paretone, the Casanova Towers, the air ridge from Mount Prena to Mount Camicia and the view of its Northern Wall makes it without any doubt the most spectacular and fascinating ridge of the entire Appennines and that's what Paola, Andrea and Romano have also seen. Their studies to overcome logistic troubles are made by them all toghether and they decide, after obtaining all the facilities, to use two cars: one to reach the starting point and one to find at the end of the crossing to go back home. But in case of troubles they plan different possibilities of early descent: Vado of Pieverano, Forchetta of Santa Colomba, Vado of Ferruccio. In conclusion the three italians, gifted of strenght, bravery and also a good amount of recklessness, leave for an unusual adventure for them, that contemplates this route:

Arrival at Campo Imperatore from Assergi at 1800 mt: parking and overnight stay. Next morning trekking over Carrareccia, which, at its right, leads to Vado of Corno (1924 mt).

From Vado long tail of the ridge, never tough for expert people, that crosses first the saddle under which, on the left, there's the plateau of Rigo Rosso , and then switches near Pizzo San Gabriele (2214 mt). Then trespasses the smaller peak at 2230 mt and at the end reaches Mount Brancastello.

From Mount Brancastello (2385 mt), tailing the ridge's line, there's a small downhill. After trespassing the altitude of 2327 mt, arrival at Vado of Piaverano (2281 mt) and from here to the Casanova Towers, where the fitted parts begin.

With stepladders and fixed ropes (that's the toughest part for the trio) they cross in succession the different towers, arriving first at Forchetta of Santa Colomba and then on Mount Infornace (2469 mt).

The crossing goes on going down to the Saddle at the altitude of 2418 mt and then climbing up, on gravel, the steep ridge that leads to Mount Prena (2561 mt). From here downhill to the Normal way, towards North, till Vado if Ferruccio (2233 mt), them, tailing the western ridge of the Mount Camicia (2564 mt), with latch, there's the arrival at the base of a groove (very friable and so very dangerous) that allows to reach the last peak of the path of the Centenary.

From the peak of Mount Camicia climb down to the Deep Valley of Vradda and, following the Normal way, reach of the shelter of FonteVetica (1632 mt). Arrival!

Paola Protopapa, the one who came up with the idea of this climb, tells us how this adventure was born: " I wanted to face the Path of Centenary for 6 years, but I couldn't do it all alone: 11 hours of trekking, 5 peaks over 2300 mt, shod, rock crossings, scree, lots of exposed points in spectacular northern walls. I had to to find someone with a spirit of freedom, but also "olympic" , a bit crazy and with an understanding wife! The first time that I brought Romano to mountain climbing was in 2009, I don't remember if he showed up with flip flops or with camperos, but the fact was that he easily climbed up to the peak despite the snow...Then at the World Championship in Korea, on the shuttle from the training center to the race course, the proposal was taken and Romano's answer was almost immediate. On the same day Andrea Tranquilli names himself accountable for the team: then, after I checked up with Daniele (Stefanoni) about Andrea's winter approach with cross country skiing at Livigno, we decided to recruit him! But one night a nightmare storms in my mind: Franco Cattaneo...penso: "And if they hurt themselves...? As I have been the first woman elected honorary member of FIC I will also be the first member expelled...From all this thoughts I felt the need of an expert Alpin Guide next to me, which I recruit through the responsible of the rescue station of Campo Imperatore. I prepared harnesses, helmet, rope and rackets for everybody, the only thing left was a careful evaluation of weather's evolution; the right day was on Simone Venier's wedding day...But without any complaint and after attending Simone's wedding, the two of them show up right on time at midnight at Campo Imperatore (2100 mt above the sea).
They immediately went to sleep. Wake up at 5 a.m. and ready to go. The view over the Adriatic Sea has accompanied us along the ridges, eagles escorted us and chamois showed up. We were happy, enthusiastic about every step, every crossing, easy or not, about what we were so lucky to see and live. Adrenalin, laughs, focus and clarity of mind, fatigue, enthusiasm. The same feelings that stood within us  during the year, and will be with us during the next four years...together, alone. Simply beautiful!!".

The second to tell us his story is Andrea Tranquilli, who never steps back from challenges: "For me it's been an unforgettable first time. I proposed to join Romano and Paola to live this experience also because I like the impossible missions and because at the beginning I didn't know what they were planning to do. I made my proposal during the World Championship in Korea. I understood that we were going to have a nice mountain walk, and instead I found out that I had to climb up, to sling, to walk across 5 peaks of the Gran Sasso for more than 11 hours. I'm honest to say that during the route, especially after 9 hours, I thoght I couldn't do it, the fatigue was almost unbearable and my little mountain experience gave me non-stop pain to my legs, especially to the kness. I have to thank Paola and the guide Daniele that, with their enthusiasm, helped me to overcome the most discouraging moments. Finally I want to thank Romano for his companionship: talking non-stop for 11 hours it's almost impossible for everyone, but he made it. It has been a strong and exiting experience and maybe to repeat. Who knows". 

Then it's the turn of Romano Battisti to tell his performance. He's the most unpredictable and eccentric member of the team, but he's also the one who's always ready for adventure: "It all started for fun. As Paola proposed me to do this excursion I immediately said "I'm in". I didn't know well what I was going to face, but I was fascinated by the idea of doing a long walk in an unusual place where you can't find yourself in by accident (because of the difficulty to reach it), and searching for that emotions that only nature can make you feel. When we all agreed, we started immediately the organization and during our discussions someone became curious and started to annoy with his non-stop questions, until he asked to be part of the expedition. So Andrea Tranquilli joined us and from that point I stressed him every day on every single detail of the adventure. The most difficult thing to choose has been the right day to face the mountain because of the uncertain weather of the season. Thanks to the experience of the guide Luca Daniele Gentile we had no problem at all to choose the best day. We were able to face the continuos thermic shocks, tipical of mountain climate thanks to my technical sponsor Dry Heat that supplied us with technical training shirts in polypropylene +20° -20°. It was a fantastic day, tiring to be honest but at the same time unforgettable". 

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