DRY HEAT at the first Italian Pole Dance Contest: POLE POSITION.


DRY HEAT has participated in the first Italian Pole Dance Contest, the 15th-16th of June in Modena at the school "Female Arts Studio", creating wonderful thermic sweaters personalized.
In fact DRY HEAT sweater in DH400 is ideal even in fitness especially in the initial warming up phase an in all stasis moments in which, due to the thermoregulating power keeps the muscles warm.
The appointment of European City of Sport at Modena for year 2013 from ACES is a recognition which gives honour to the sporting sister of the city. Even for this reason has taken place here the first Italian contest dedicated to Pole Dance with money rewards and with free participation.

The Contest is sponsored by the Town Council of Modena and "Modena Città Europea dello Sport". The subscribers were about sixty, and performed in the category "single Intermedium ","single Advanced","Double","Pro and Teachers".

In this categories have could participate indistinctly men and women, in the valuation has given much attention to the interpretation and to the choreography, not only to the correct execution of the obligatory figures.

A big thank to the judges of the contest, with international fame, real guru of this discipline: Valeria Bonalume, Sara Brilli, Dana Hesse (representing of Fisd) and D&N Mafia, Dance Fitness Studio from Dublin.

The contest has had in competition a lot of pole dancers who have given their best and tested themselves on the stage of Female Art Studio School in Modena.

The event has revealed itself a great moment of cohesion and sport. A real success.

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