DHtech 400

DHtech 400
DHtech 400 is a product with unparalleled characteristics in terms of elasticity, comfort and wearability: essential features in the world of technical clothing and winners in the world of leisure wear.
In particular, the processing in TUBIC, in addition to achieving a millimetric graphic precision, allows to obtain an air gap between the 2 layers of DHtech 200 that are formed in the weaving, able to enhance the thermal insulation of the material.
The great experience accumulated and the continuous researches to maximize the possibilities of use of this material have also allowed the personalization with that without limitations; a very long and high-craftsmanship process that had to use a modified technology to make a material that could never have been used in this way workable in jacquard.

  • eliminates the chills due to temperature changes
  • insulating
  • breathable
  • functional and sporty design
  • bacteriostatic (inhibits the proliferation of bacteria, cause of bad odors)
  • hypoallergenic
  • comfortable
  • suitable for extreme weather conditions
  • Water-repellent
  • wind barrier
  • quick drying
  • anti-pilling
  • resistant to abrasion and washing
  • anti-stain
  • easy care
  • must not be ironed
  • environmentally friendly


The particular coupling of the DHtech 400 has allowed to obtain an extremely valid product for body thermoregulation. While air is an effective insulator, the material, on the other hand, functions as a thermal bridge creating the ideal combination.
Our coupled fabric, thanks to the special procedure, allows us in fact to have more insulating areas and more conductive areas where desired.

We have therefore developed an effective processing technology, which allows, with the same material, to differentiate the areas of the body according to whether we want to privilege the insulating or conductive effect of the technical sports leader, thus being able to customize it for any discipline, defining of time to time the areas to be thermoregulated.


Let's see in detail how a garment in DHtech 400 behaves compared to an equivalent in merino wool. In our certified tests we packed a jersey made of merino wool in the right half of the body and in DHtech 400 in the left half. The analyzes were carried out both in static and dynamic situations, both indoors and outdoors.

It can be seen how the DHtech 400 (left side of the body / right for the viewer) maintains a higher temperature than the merino, highlighting the characteristics of insulation.

It can be seen how the DHtech 400 maintains the temperature uniformly over the whole body with a lower thermal excursion than the merino.

This phase is very interesting because it highlights all the thermal characteristics of the DHtech 400 in hostile conditions.
At the end of the dynamic phase we noticed that initially the merino retains more the body temperature (when instead it should dissipate it). After 3 minutes, the phenomenon is reversed: when the body starts to cool down, the DHtech 400 retains heat better, rising from 20.1 ° C to 24.8 ° C, highlighting the marked tendency to capture body heat and avoid cooling the body.

From the reported certified analyzes it is clear how the DHtech 400 has characteristics suitable to thermoregulate the organism.

Body thermoregulation is unquestionably the factor that more than any other intervenes in the subjective elaboration of the concept of comfort.
A thermoregulated body maximizes performance performance both in competitive activity and in everyday life.

COMPOSITION: 65% PP ∙ 33% PA ∙ 2% EA
WEIGHT: 450 gr / sqm
TEMPERATURE: -10 + 25 ° C
The latest generation Hi-tech fabric Dhtech PYRAMID 3D consists of an alternation between innovative pyramid-shaped air chambers, able to double the material's insulation and more effectively retain the body heat generated during physical exertion; and rhomboid areas of equal size, made with a special honeycomb process, able to allow an immediate evaporation of the moisture generated. This perfect combination allows you to develop and retain only and exclusively beneficial dry heat and to maintain warm muscles and a feeling of well-being for the duration of the workout in harsh climate conditions.
COMPOSITION: 65% PP ∙ 33% PA ∙ 2% EA
WEIGHT: 450 gr / smq
TEMPERATURES: -10 + 25 ° C

COMPOSITION: 65% PP ∙ 33% PA ∙ 2% EA
WEIGHT: 380 gr / sqm
TEMPERATURE: -10 + 25 ° C
The revolutionary DHtech NET XPRO fabric has a complex lattice structure capable of thermoregulating even more effectively.
The channels of which it is made convey the humidity and allow it to be eliminated instantaneously while the rhomboid-shaped thermal bridges equally distribute heat to our body, allowing the muscles enhanced athletic performance. Being extremely breathable it is a fabric suitable for intense sports where high body temperatures tend to develop, the feeling of dryness is total and allows the athlete to train safely for his own health.
COMPOSITION: 65% PP ∙ 33% PA ∙ 2% EA
WEIGHT: 380 gr / sqm
TEMPERATURES: -10 + 25 ° C
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