DHtech 300

DHtech 300
It is a breathable, compact, light and durable fabric. Extremely functional, thanks to the special zig-zag processing of polypropylene fibers, an optimum evaporation of excess moisture produced by the body. The technical sportswear produced with the DHtech 300, guarantees a comfortable feeling during the practice of sports but also during a simple walk.
Thanks to the special processing, DHtech 300 in fact acts on contact with our skin, as an extension of it, a protective shell that protects it from dangerous thermal shocks or annoying blows of air while the elasticity of the fabric allows great freedom of movement .
It dries quickly keeping our body in an optimal climatic condition.
Ideal as a second layer in the winter season, it is actually a very versatile garment, becoming perfect in mid-seasons using it as a sweatshirt or during the warm-up phase of any sport.

TECHNICAL FEATURES: about 300 g / m²
  • second layer ideal for winter sports activities
  • indicated as an external leader in winter sports activities
  • suitable for outdoor outdoor use in intermediate seasons
  • breathable
  • keeps body temperature constant
  • antibacterial
  • comfortable
  • stretch
  • compact and light
  • hypoallergenic
  • antibacterial
  • quick drying
  • easy care
  • environmentally friendly
  • Do not iron
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